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Downloading and Playing Tips for Audiobook Versions

There are two format options for listening to the Director's Cut audiobooks: M4B and MP3. M4Bs are standalone files that contain chapters, and the best thing about them is that even when you stop playing them, when you go back to the file, it picks up where it left off. MP3s behave differently, each track starting from the beginning each time. Some people prefer one format over another, which is why I've made them both available here. Also, M4Bs can only be so large, so I had to compress the audio down to 96 kpbs/22 kHz. It still sounds fine, though not quite as good as the MP3s, which are higher quality at 192 kpbs/44 kHz.

Purchasers of either format (or both) are free to play them on the device of their choice. Because I mostly operate in a desktop environment (and I still use an iPod for mobile listening, because I'm old-fashioned like that), I'm not as familiar with the phone/tablet way of doing things. Still, I know that many people prefer that kind of environment, so I did some research and testing to see how one might go about purchasing, downloading, and listening to these books in a strictly mobile fashion. If you're someone who already knows how to do all of this, great. If not, this page may be helpful.  The advice I offer here is not the only way to do things, just ways I found that worked for me on an iPhone and a Kindle Fire. By extension, these instructions can be applied to an iPad as well (same OS as the iPhone), and as far as I know, Kindles operate the same way as Android devices. Your experience with these tips may vary depending on your exact configuration and software, including the browser on your device (for transparency, the ones I used were Safari on iOS and Silk on the Kindle).

Choose below which format and device you want to set up:

The Young Blood Trilogy

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