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Testing, Testing

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

This is the point where the nervous person steps up to the microphone, and it starts feeding back for no reason. At least, that's what every movie and TV show would have you believe happens. Given my professional background (in my previous career in radio production, that is), I have a lot of sound effects pet peeves. (Like THAT car horn doppler effect that everybody uses.)

But anyway, I'm just feeling my way around, trying to figure this site design thing out. The ebook version of Young Blood is set to launch this Friday, June 10th, and I'm hoping to have the paperback out at roughly the same time. As for the audiobook, that will probably take longer. What's annoying is that Amazon only allows me to set the date for the ebook, not the other two formats, and there are about eight billion hoops to jump through to get things done. ("It's easy to publish!" they proclaim. No, it isn't.) Once I get through with them, the plan is to publish via other avenues, including ways to buy directly from me via this site.

For now, you can pre-order the Kindle edition from Amazon at this link. It would be nice if this blog would let me add in a pretty little button with an Amazon logo on it or a picture of a cat on a skateboard or whatever, but I'm not seeing any option to. As I said, still figuring things out.

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