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Watch the trailer for the debut horror novel by T. Marshall Bunn, Young Blood: Book One of the Young Blood Trilogy.

The Young Blood Trilogy tells the story of a group of children who, at various points in their youth, are able to temporarily turn themselves into vampires using a special potion. They see this as something fun, going around and actually murdering people. While they know that what they’re doing is wrong, they are too immature to understand the consequences of their actions, and they enjoy getting away with it. As they get older, these consequences begin catching up with them, and they have to deal with the fallout.
The trilogy opens with Young Blood, set in 1983 in Augusta, Georgia, a city that, while somewhat large, still retains some small-town tendencies and southern values. As the mysterious vampire attacks continue to plague the city, many residents, including the authorities, try to be in denial about what is happening. The children, meanwhile, must do their best to avoid being found out, to keep the secret safe. At the center of the narrative is Ray Young, who relates the tale from an unspecified point later in life, aware of the magnitude of their crimes and slowly revealing the details to the reader.
While much of the trilogy focuses on these children, this is not in fact a children’s story. It is aimed at mature readers, and were this a movie, it would be rated R, mostly for violence and language. It crosses a few genres: horror, urban fantasy, historical fiction, perhaps more. Epic in scale and length, both The Young Blood Trilogy and its first volume, Young Blood, delivers a thrilling saga of terror, youthful recklessness, nostalgia, and regret.


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The Young Blood Trilogy

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